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Pre-Order - Tattered Lace Dies - Shutter Card

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Pre-Order - Tattered Lace Dies - Shutter Card - Detailed and Delicate, Tattered Lace Dies are the most intricate dies available. This invaluable set of dies means you will never again have to purchase pre-cut shaped cards and can instead, produce your own in a range of designs. The large main die will die cut your card base and provides all the components to make and decorate your own shaped cards. These dies measure approx: Shutter Card: 16.9cm x 28.7cm Plaque Mat 1-1: 15.4cm x 3.3cm Plaque Mat 1-2: 16.2cm x 4cm Plaque Mat 2-1: 12.4cm x 0.3cm Plaque Mat 2-2: 13.1cm x 1.1cm Plaque Mat 2-3: 13.9cm x 1.8cm Plaque Mat 2-4: 14.6cm x 2.6cm Plaque Mat 2-5: 15.4cm x 8.1cm Plaque Mat 2-6: 16.2cm x 8.9cm Rectangle 1-1: 1.1cm x 3.4cm Rectangle 1-2: 1.9cm x 4.1cm Rectangle 1-3: 2.6cm x 4.9cm Rectangle 1-4: 3.4cm x 5.6cm Rectangle 1-5: 4.2cm x 6.4cm Rectangle 1-6: 4.9cm x 7.1cm Rectangle 1-7: 5.7cm x 7.9cm Rectangle 1-8: 6.4cm x 8.6cm Rectangle 2-1: 3.4cm x 7.9cm Rectangle 2-2: 4.2cm x 8.6cm Square 1: 2.5cm x 2.5cm Square 2: 3.3cm x 3.3cm Square 3: 4cm x 4cm Each Letter: 2cm tall



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